Niigata Tourism Navigation direct from Niigata Airport 新潟空港からの直行バスでのんびり観光! Niigata Tourism Navigation direct from Niigata Airport 新潟空港からの直行バスでのんびり観光!

Niigata Airport Direct Shuttle Area

Sightseeing Around Niigata Station

Niigata Station is located in the heart of Niigata City. Niigata is one of the largest cities on the Sea of Japan coast. With its cityscape that reminds us that it is a port city and delicious food, this area features various styles of tourism to be enjoyed, with a great number of frequently held events.


Sado: an island with abundant nature. It is known for both its gold mines, and as a habitat of Toki birds, or crested ibis, which are renowned as natural monuments of the world. Sado is full of sights to see, including the beautiful ocean, natural landscapes and townscape that makes one feel its history.

Murakami & Senami Onsen

Sasagawa-nagare has onsen, or hot springs, with a view of the sunset over the Japan Sea, and a coastline stretching 11km created naturally by the ocean’s raging waves, with unique rock formations and very clear, transparent seawater. To fully enjoy the nature surrounding the Japan Sea, Sasagawa-nagare’s Murakami & Senami Onsen areas are a must-see.

Shibata & Tsukioka Onsen Town

Tsukioka Onsen hot spring town is famous for spring water that makes your skin beautiful. Shibata City is a former castle town with a rich history. Take in the sulfurous scent of the hot springs as you stroll around the onsen town streets, or experience Shibata’s castle town atmosphere with a walk around Shibata. There are numerous ways to have fun in this area.

Yahiko & Iwamuro Onsen

Yahiko Town is home to Yahiko Shrine, one of the most powerful and dominant shrines for Niigata citizens. It also has the Iwamuro Onsen, which is a hot spring with a 300-year history. The area is relatively easy to access from Niigata City.