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Riding time
700 JPY
(350 JPY for children)
Numer of service
4 round trips a day

Sightseeing in Sado

Sado: an island with abundant nature. It is known for both its gold mines, and as a habitat of Toki birds, or crested ibis, which are renowned as natural monuments of the world. Sado is full of sights to see, including the beautiful ocean, natural landscapes and townscape that makes one feel its history.

Recommended Spots

Zoo / Botanical Garden

Toki Forest Park (Japanese Ibis Center)

383-2 Niibo Nagaune, Sado-shi, Niigata, 952-0101
Best time to visit
Year-round, with different things every season
At this park you can see the very rare Toki birds, or crested ibis, which are considered to be natural monuments. At the Toki Rapport Plaza, you can take a closer look at Toki birds at a recreation of a semi-natural environment located inside the facility. There, you can observe their way of life, such as flight, fishing and feeding on pond fish, nests located at human eye-level, and their ecology itself.
Heritage Site

Sado Gold Mines

Aikawa District, Sado City
Best time to visit
With its peak in the Edo Period, gold mining continued for nearly 400 years through ups and downs, until operations were stopped in 1989. There, you can see the spectacular scenery of the “Doyu no Warido” a V-shaped crack on an enormous rock formation, and a precise reproduction of a hand-mining scene as depicted in one of the mining tunnels on the “Sado Gold Mines Picture Scrolls,” recreated using animatronic wax figures. You can also visit the museum.